Life Of A Lawyer: All In A Day’s Work

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Today was one of those “I wish I was not a lawyer” kind of day. It was just very stressful for me. I am working on a highly sensitive case. It was a rape case and as a defense lawyer, working with a case like this is a crucial one. There are a lot of things to do with just so little time. At first, I was skeptical about this case but after I interviewed my client, I was stunned by what I have known. I decided to accept the case and do all the best I can to defend this poor man. I know for a fact that this is another case of “frame-up.”

My team and I spent the rest of the day meeting and interviewing several people. It was a long day. We even traveled to the province because it is where the alleged rape happened. We also gathered evidence based on the provincial police record. I can say that my job as a defense lawyer is a tough one, especially in cases like rape and murder. I know for a fact that the life of someone is about to change and that I need to do the best I can because this someone relies on me.

I don’t like travelling far because my vertigo occurs whenever I travel far. It rained hard that day and we could not pass by because it would be very dangerous. Hence, we decided to stay in a motel until the road become passable. We took our early dinner and slept for a few hours. I was about to get a restful sleep when my stomach ached. I started to have a loose bowel movement, cold clammy skin, and I was sweating all over. I must have eaten something that my stomach can’t tolerate. As I head onto the loo and do my thing, I was disappointed afterwards because the toilet flush was not working. I couldn’t even get a decent amount of water. What a stressful day it was!

In my house, I have not experience any drainage and plumbing problem because the plumbing system of my house is maintained by highly reputable and experienced plumbers. They come to my house on a regular basis to check on the pipes and drainage to make sure that everything is in perfect condition. It costs me money but I don’t really care for as long as I am comfortable and at peace knowing that I will not be hunted by plumbing problems.

The experience just reminded me why I try my best to refrain from travelling as much as possible. I know some people love to travel and would fight hard for a job that would allow them to go to places. Well, I am just not like those people. And being a lawyer does not actually involve a lot of travelling, so I guess that is still something I should be thankful for. Anyways, I am pretty sure this is all just a bad day moment and tomorrow I will wake up refreshed and thankful that I chose this career.