Lawyer Meets Plumber

I must confess, being a lawyer has made me very proud of myself and my profession, so much so that I have forgotten to appreciate the importance of other people around me and how much I need them at certain points and situations in my life.

I mean, I think I have every right to be proud about where I am today. It was not an easy journey to reach what I have reached today. I had to move mountains in order to gain the financial support I needed to send myself to school, college and law school. I did not have much growing up and so I made all the extra efforts I needed to make in order to make sure that I get to where I am. I am not just proud simply because I think I have a profession that is above most of the profession out there, but because I worked hard to earn it.

However, I am very humbled by my experience early this week, when out of nowhere, a pipe burst in my kitchen. Of course, overly confident in myself and my manhood, I decided to fix the problem on my own. It’s a “simple” plumbing leak. Nothing I can’t handle, right?


I was very wrong. Too much belief in myself has made me forget that there are some things in this life that I cannot handle, and now I found out that Plumbing is one of those things that I have zero idea how to deal with. I thought a simple cover up on the holes would be enough, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Thankfully, there was an available 24 hour emergency plumbing and so I called them to handle the drain repair and other plumbing issues that I has facing.

As they interviewed me and worked on the problem, I was amazed at how easy the task was for them. The kind of ease I have and exude whenever I handle a case. This made me realize that indeed, there are things that other people are more adept to handle, even for things like plumbing.

I will never forget this humbling experience. It made me appreciate not just my own accomplishments, but also the accomplishments of others. It made me see that everyone in this society are important, and have a role to play. I told the service crew that if ever they needed any legal aid, I will be there to help them they way they helped me overcome my plumbing problems.